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What is multi-currency pricing?

Explore Global Markets with TAGx’s Multi-Currency Pricing Solution

Discover the practical capabilities of TAGx’s Payment Orchestration solution, which includes an effective Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) tool. This feature enables international businesses to tailor their product and service prices in foreign currencies, ensuring smooth transactions and settlements in their preferred currency.

Expand into New Markets

Effortlessly venture into diverse global markets. TAGx’s MCP solution empowers businesses to present their offerings in multiple currencies, facilitating international growth and connecting with a broader range of customers.

Customer-Friendly Shopping

Enhance the shopping experience for your customers. With TAGx’s MCP tool, cardholders can explore, choose, and purchase products using their preferred currency, free from additional charges.

Key Benefits for Retailers

Global Presence: Strengthen your online presence by catering to different regions, expanding your customer base.

Enhanced Convenience: Minimize customer queries and chargebacks through transparent and recognizable currency options.

Simplified Finances: Streamline financial operations by presenting vital information in your chosen settlement and reporting currency.

Suitable Across Environments: While primarily designed for card-not-present scenarios, the Multi-Currency Pricing tool seamlessly integrates into card-present environments through terminal applications.

Embrace TAGx’s Multi-Currency Pricing solution to explore international opportunities, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline financial management. 

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